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USA, Oklahoma, Tulsa, Tulsa


5523 E Archer St, Tulsa, OK (Zipcode: 74115)

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2.6 stars based on 10 reviews

  • M

    Melissa Daly

    I had a wonderful experience. Had an older car break down on the other side of town in Muskogee. It wasnt worth paying to have it towed and fixed so I called around to get salvage quotes. Superior Salvage gave me the best price and was willing to come to Muskogee to tow it off the parking lot it was broke down in. This was a Friday when I called. They said they were busy and would get me the next day. He called just as he said but asked if there was anyway that he could come and get it on Sunday since they were still very busy and coming from Tulsa. I agreed. They came Sunday on time and paid the agreed amount. All worked out great.

  • D

    Dewayne fobbs

    I sold my car through a website and Superior Auto Salvage was the business assigned to pick up my car with a set time and date, but unfortunately to no avail and a car still in my driveway. But heyy can't expect much from a salvage yard located inside a neighborhood near a highway bridge underpass. Gotta love tulsa...

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  • B

    Betty Fehr

    We ordered a motor from here and then we waiting a week and couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t coming in and called them and asked why and they said sorry the motor was bad so couldn’t send it. And instead of calling me they just figured I would forget about it and so I asked when I would get my money back and they said it would be back on my card in a week or so. So I waited and called back a week later and they said they’d have it on card in a day or two and never did so I had to call my credit card company and that is how I got my money back. Hope this was helpful

  • b

    bluetpanther Gmail

    Called 4 times well before noon today Saturday 4-13-19 and no one answered the phone. After reading a few of the reviews it’s clearly that they need a better management team or just close down. I’ve had issues with this company dating back to 2018 where I asked about a part and they sold me the wrong part but did not wish to refund my money but to give me a credit and I wanna say a company that is not going to refund my money back bc they sold me the wrong part I wouldn’t want to do business where they are desperate for new hires and the manager sits on his butt in his office and hires employees that are not or have never had a brief understanding of what customer service is. Watch out people they just had a issue across the street from the business (murder) one employee was involved so I think it’s best to stay steer away from them. Go to a business that is willing and knowledgeable of what you ask for not what they want to sell you and lie to you. If your company is open on Saturday then the time is 8am to 12pm but your website says the same thing I took a screen shot of me calling them at 1145 and no one picked up kinda strange to me

  • J

    J.P. Moorman

    I should have called them first. They beat the next best offer by a descent amount, paid in cash and picked up my car the same day I called. The man they sent out was friendly and efficient. Overall, an excellent experience.

  • S

    Sheila Gable

    Had absolutely no problems with these guy's. They were a breeze to communicate with. Then, they did what they said they would do, when they said they'd do it. What more can you ask for? In my opinion. We won't hesitate to call again should the need arise.

  • L


    Call them for a car pick up they said they will coming on the 2 Feb, my wife stay home waiting for them and guess what they never came, no call or excuses. I will make sure to not do any business with them for sure. And don't ask me to call you for explain how bad you do business.

  • E

    E. E.

    (Video) MidWestern Auto Salvage Tulsa Superb Five Star Review by john l.

    First off, I sold them a car for 180.00 to use for parts because that car is a piece of poo. I saw it driving around Tulsa, then got a charge from a toll place because my tag was still on it (my fault). I feel bad for the person who bought that car.... When it rains, they'll see why. When they turn in the heat..... They'll see why. Etc. Etc. Number 2... I think the tow guy was gonna leave without paying, luckily hubby was keeping an eye out and caught him in the knick if time and.... lastly.... I've called two times and asked for a receipt or some proof that I sold the car to them. Very nice gentleman on the phone, but he was blowing smoke up my tail..... Both times he said he'd look in the files and call me back..... Both times he did not. So I still don't have the proof I need to get out of the tolls the person has run through while driving my old car. Very disappointed. Next time I read the reviews before I use one of these companies.

  • J

    Julien Harrison

    Great tow service and great people that helped us tremendously with a vehicle we wanted to get rid of. Best tow company that I've dealt with in tulsa

  • C

    Corey Crafty

    Call the establishment on the phone, ask for a part and all for a part and the dood days none and hangs up on me. Like he knows EVERY SINGLE car part at a 4 acre Savage Yard. If so.. Impressive but still a D&$k!

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