A Complete Guide on How to Apply for a Canadian Visit Visa from Pakistan (2023)

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Lauded as one of the most livable countries in the world, Canada usually retains a high ranking on every traveller’s bucket list. From boasting snow-covered mountain peaks and breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls to offering both a simple countryside lifestyle as well as meticulously planned cosmopolitan cities, this North American country attracts legions of tourists every year. It is also a top-rated tourist destination among those living in Pakistan. So, if you are planning a trip to the beautiful country, you’ll first need to obtain a Canada Visitor Visa.

Since the visa application process can be rather overwhelming and may even appear a little daunting for green passport holders, we’ve brought you a detailed guide on how to apply for a Canadian visa from Pakistan for the purpose of tourism.

Unless you are a dual-national and hold the nationality of Canada, the United States or any other country apart from Pakistan, you will most likely have to get a visit visa for Canada to be able to travel there. However, if you are a dual-nationality holder, you may only need an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) to be able to enter the country.

Before we discuss the eligibility criteria for Canada Visitor Visa, application requirements and process, let’s take a look at the main types of Canadian visas that one can apply for.

Types of Canadian Visas

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These are the different types and categories of visas offered by the Canadian government.

  • Visitor visas
  • Work visas
  • Student visas
  • Business Immigrant visas
  • Express Entry Program visas
  • Permanent Residence visas

If you are planning to apply for a Canadian visa from Pakistan, you must first figure out which of these visas fit the motive of your visits. If you are only travelling to meet your family members, friends or for recreational purposes, you’ll have to apply for a Canada Visit Visa. On the other hand, if you’re planning to study or work in Canada, you may have to obtain a Student Visa or Work Visa instead. These are also called Temporary Visas. Permanent residence visas, business immigrant visas and express entry program visas are all types of permanent visas where the applicant shows his or her intent to stay in the country for a longer period of time.

You must select the type of visa that best suits your purpose of visit. However, we’ll be focusing on Visitor Visa, which is a Temporary Resident Visa, better known as TRV.

Canadian Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)

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As the name suggests, these visas are issued to people who want to visit Canada for a short period of time (six months or less). Canada Visitor Visa is usually obtained for the purposes of tourism, meeting family and business etc. You cannot seek a job or join a study program while in Canada on this visa. Similarly, you cannot apply for Canadian citizenship, claim health coverage and other benefits, or apply for any government documents during your stay in the country.

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If you have secured admission in a short-term study program that will end within six months, you may apply for a Canadian visitor visa after clarifying your purpose of visit.

Types of Canadian Temporary Resident Visas (TRV)

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Here are some of the main categories of Temporary Resident Visas based on the purpose of the visit:

Canada Visitor Visa: It is the most common type of visa people in Pakistan apply for. It is also called Canada Tourist Visa.

Canada Super Visa: This type of visa allows parents and grandparents of Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents to visit their family for up to two years at a time

Canada Diplomatic and Official Visa: Governmental officials and diplomats can obtain this visa to visit Canada for official purposes

Canada Courtesy Visa: This visa is issued to government officials and diplomats who do not qualify for the Diplomatic and Official Visa

Facilitation Visa: Canadian citizens with dual nationalities who do not have their Canadian passports can enter the country on this visa

Business Persons and Business Delegations Visa: This type of TRV is issued to business executives and delegations who intend to visit Canada to attend seminars, workshops, meetings, conference and participate in trade shows etc.

Dual Intent Visa: This category of visa is issued to people who intend to apply for a permanent resident visa during their stay in Canada.

Eligibility Criteria for Canada Visitor Visa

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This is the primary criteria to be eligible to get a visitor visa for Canada (or any other type of temporary visa, for that matter).

  • The primary applicant must be at least 18 years old
  • Have a government-issued passport with at least one blank page to stamp visa (excluding the last page)
  • The passport must be valid for at least six months
  • Have identity, education and family documents translated in English or French
  • No criminal history, human rights violations or immigration-related convictions
  • Have enough funds to cover the stay in Canada as well as pay the visa application and processing fees
  • Have enough ties in Pakistan (such as family, job, university etc.) to convince visa officers that the applicant will leave Canada at the end of his or her visit

Apart from the eligibility criteria mentioned above, there are some specific requirements that have to be met in order to apply for a Canadian tourist visa from Pakistan.

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  • You must have an itinerary of the places will be visiting in Canada
  • Details of flights and hotel bookings
  • In case you are planning to stay with family members or friends, their details will be required as well

Please note that these requirements may vary on a case-to-case basis. Although you’ll be provided with a complete list of documents that need to be submitted once you sign up on the official Government of Canada website for Immigration and Citizenship, it is important to mention that failure to meet these requirements may result in rejection of your visa applications. In some cases, however, the visa officer may ask you to submit additional proof to their consulate.

Multiple Entry Visa vs Single Entry Visa

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All Canada Visitor Visa applicants are initially considered for a multiple entry visa, which allows them to enter the country multiple times within a certain duration.

The multiple entry visa is usually valid for 10 years and lets you stay in Canada for a period of six months at a time. Meanwhile, the single entry visa allows you to visit Canada only once.

These visas are issued at the discretion of the visa officer and depends largely on your purpose of visit, previous travel history, ties in Canada, and other factors.

It is also pertinent to mention that whether you are granted a multiple or single entry visa, the border officer may stamp a date on your passport or give you a document called visitor record, showing the date by which you need to leave Canada. This stamp might allow you to stay in Canada for a period shorter than 6 months.

List of Required Documents

Here is a checklist of documents required to apply for a Canadian visa from Pakistan. These documents must either be in English or French and may vary with each situation.

  • Valid passport
  • Identity documents (such as National Identity Card, Family Registration Form, etc.)
  • Duly filled Canada Tourist Visa Application form
  • Proof of funds in the form of a bank or another financial statement
  • A complete travel itinerary including flight reservations and hotel bookings
  • A letter of invitation, if you are visiting family or friends in Canada
  • Proof of the relationship, if you are visiting your immediate family members such as siblings, parents and children
  • The immigration statuses of family and friends whom you’re visiting
  • Bank statements of your family or friends, if they are paying for your trip
  • Educational documents (degrees and diplomas)
  • Employment letter stating your contractual obligations which would require you to return to your home country
  • Property deed, lease or rental agreement to prove that you will leave Canada at the end of your visa
  • Court documents or police clearance certificates proving you have no prior criminal history
  • Medical records
  • Travel insurance
  • A Declaration Letter addressed to the Government of Canada explaining why they should issue you a visa
  • Two photographs taken within the last six months. Please make sure the photos comply with the Canada Photo Requirements

You can find out more about travel insurance in our detailed guide on the topic.

How to Apply for a Canada Visitor Visa

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There are two ways you can apply for a Canada visit visa from Pakistan

  • Online application
  • Manual application

It is recommended to apply for a Canadian visa online as it is more time and cost-effective. You won’t have to pay charges for courier nor will have to wait for mail delivery time. Instead, your application will be received and processed more quickly than the ones submitted manually.

Moreover, when applying online, the system will notify you about missing documents or incomplete information. Similarly, you can quickly submit additional documents online if needed and check the status of your application through your online account. On the other hand, those applying in person will have to rely on regular mail to receive and send documents, which can be time-consuming.

However, whether you apply online or in person, you will be required to visit the Canadian Consulate for an interview or biometrics, if required.

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Since most people apply for a Canadian tourist visa online, here’s a step-by-guide on how to go about it.

Step 1: Visit the official Government of Canada website, click on ‘Immigration and Citizenship,’ and then click on ‘Visit.’

Step 2: Click on ‘Find out if you need a visa.’ You will be redirected to a survey, which you can fill to find out if you need a Canada visitor visa or an ETA

Step 3: If you are found eligible for a visa, click on ‘Apply for a Visitor Visa’ button. It will redirect you to a webpage containing all the pertinent information about the application process.

Step 4: Once you’ve read all the information, click on ‘Apply’ in the top navigation bar and select your chosen method of application submission. If you choose ‘on paper,’ you’ll be asked to download an application package. It will also include the complete Canada visitor visa checklist. However, if you choose the ‘online’ option, you will be redirected to another page. Click on ‘Apply for a visitor visa’ to proceed.

Step 5: If you are applying to get a visitor visa for Canada for the first time, you will have to click on the ‘Register’ button

Step 6: You can now register for an IRCC secure account with either a GC Key or a Sign-In Partner. The latter requires your Canadian online banking information, so it’s recommended to register with a GC Key. Click on the required button to get redirected to the next page.

Step 7: Once logged in, you can start working on your online Canadian visa application form.

Step 8: Upload scans of required documents and submit your application along with the application fee. For this, you’ll need a valid Credit or Debit Card.

Step 9: It takes about 5 days for an application to appear on your IRCC account.

Step 10: If your application is reviewed positively, you will be required to visit the Canadian Consulate for an interview and/or biometric information. Please note that there is a separate fee for biometrics.

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Step 11: Once your Canadian visa application is approved, you’ll have to submit your passport to the consulate for stamping. For online applicants, the consulate will notify you where to send your passport for further processing. You will also have to pay a processing fee.

Step 12: Your stamped passport will either be handed over or mailed back to you. Once you receive it, check all the details to make sure there aren’t any errors.

You can now start making arrangements for your travel.

Canadian Visitor Visa Application Fee

Wondering how much a visitor visa application for Canada costs? Well, here is a breakdown of Canadian visa fees in Pakistan for 2020.

Type of FeeAmount in Canadian Dollars (CAD)
Visitor visa application fee$100
Visitor visa application fee per family (5 or more people)$500
Extension of stay per person$100
Biometrics per person$85
Biometrics per family (2 or more people)$170

Visa Processing Time

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The processing time for a Canadian visit visa from Pakistan is usually between 10 and 35 days.

Obtaining a visitor visa for Canada means that the Consulate in Pakistan has deemed you eligible to enter Canada. However, the Customs and Border Control officers in Canada have full authority to deny your entry and ask you to go back home, despite having a valid visa. Although this doesn’t happen without a justifiable reason, one must make sure to answer each question honestly and accurately to avoid any complications in the future.

Meanwhile, if you are planning a trip to Europe instead, make sure to check out our comprehensive guide on how to apply for Schengen visa from Pakistan. Even if you are thinking about visiting Turkey, exploring Azerbaijan or Dubai, we’ve got you covered.

In the meantime, stay connected to Zameen Blog – the top lifestyle and real estate blog in Pakistan – to learn more about visa application for Pakistani-passport holders. Also, feel free to get in touch with us by sending an email on blog@zameen.com. Furthermore, subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest updates about the property, lifestyle, tourism and construction trends in the country.



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