10 Best Night Markets In Manila, The Philippines - Updated 2022 (2023)

1. Tutuban Night Market

10 Best Night Markets In Manila, The Philippines - Updated 2022 (1)

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Join the constant stream of locals and tourists who come to get their share of the cheap and quality products in one of the most visited markets in Metro Manila. The Tutuban Night Market is a secure, clean and well-organized marketplace. As evening sets and regular malls begin to close, this centre transforms into a vast market as vendors take over the main road network. If you’re not sure what to buy, check out the numerous outdoor stalls that have almost anything, including toys, food, jewellery, clothes, houseware, fabric and more in wholesale or retail at a lower price from evening through midnight.

Tutuban Night Market

Address: Mayhaligue St, Tondo, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

Website: Tutuban Night Market

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday: 6 PM-1 AM

2. Mercato Centrale

Experience the offerings of the country’s premier food market, which has a wide range of choices including hanging out areas, attractions, restaurants, and home-based food sellers. This destination is the largest food market in the country and is known to initiate unique and new food concepts. The famous Asian street food scene inspires the market setting. Join over 1,00,000 weekly visitors and choose from the best local food recipes or kick back and get a new foodie addiction in one of the restaurants.

Mercato Centrale

Address: 34th St, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines

Website: Mercato Centrale

Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday: 4 PM-2 AM

Travel tip by Manila Local Expert - Laarni

Posted on: Nov 13, 2019

I used to work in the BGC district, and Mercato was just within walking distance from our office building. When you've been in a place long enough, chances are you'd have tried all the food offerings nearby. So we frequented this spot every week to break the monotony of cafeteria and fast food. The dishes are many, and you can even find regional and international cuisines. Whether you intend to gorge on a heavy meal of pasta and flavorful meat or are just craving for some vegetable kebabs, this food market got you covered. Plus, your choice of beverages is varied, ensuring you have a satisfying gastronomic experience every time.

3. Intramuros Night Market

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Sitting in the centre of power, from the Spanish era, is this large night marketplace, comprising of various food products and other shopping items such as apparel, accessories, souvenir items, gift products and many more. The concept of this market setting was inspired by the Shilin Night Market in Taiwan, Myeongdong Night Market in Korea and Mongkok Night Market in Hong Kong. Experience a memorable shopping experience and also explore some of the city’s major attractions such as the Manila Cathedral, Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, Colegio de San Juan de Letran and more in the surrounds of the region.

Intramuros Night Market

Address: 658, Intramuros, Manila, 1002, Metro Manila, Philippines

Website: Intramuros Night Market

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday: 3 PM-12 AM

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10 Best Night Markets In Manila, The Philippines - Updated 2022 (3)

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(Video) MARKET! MARKET! Street Food Night Market Tour 2022 | Mercato Centrale Food Bazaar at BGC TAGUIG

4. Dangwa Flower Market

10 Best Night Markets In Manila, The Philippines - Updated 2022 (12)

Source:Photoby Flickr usermoogletused under CC BY-SA 2.0

Also recognized as the flower market of Manila, the Dangwa Flower Market is strategically situated in the Sampaloc and Santa Cruz regions of the city. This market became famous when its product was used to decorate the Presidential Palace during the Markos regime. The market opened into a 24-hour hub in 1994 with it supplies streaming in from about 8 AM-10 PM daily. Shop for some of the most magnificent, fresh flower collections from the numerous stalls in the market ideally from 1 PM-3 AM. Some of the particular flowers available in the Dangwa Market include the lowly daisy, orchids, tulips, and roses.

Dangwa Flower Market

Address: Dimasalang Rd, Sampaloc, Manila, 1008 Metro Manila, Philippines

Website: Dangwa Flower Market

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday: 24 hours

5. Sabroso Street Food Market

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Some of the most sumptuous food often are not prepared by notable chefs or comes forth from a gourmet kitchen. Some of the sweetest cuisines are found in the streets, ladled out on the roadside, prepared in the steamy interior of a food truck or hawked by a vendor in the market. That is why the Sabroso Street Food Market is here to serve you with some of the best street food. Try out some of these tasty snacks from one of the lined up market stalls and then you will understand and appreciate everything better. Sit back and savor the Bagnet Rice Potong, CkickenZilla, Mango Shake and numerous other choices.

Sabroso Street Food Market

Address: Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines

Website: Sabroso Street Food Market

Opening hours: Wednesday-Friday: 8:30 PM-4 AM

6. Banchetto Market

Savour hundreds of tasty food items at the Banchetto market from over 50 food vendors. Banchetto means feast in Italian and the market is indeed a hub of different food varieties. This night market is situated in two regions; one in Mandaluyong and the other in Emerald Avenue. Although the one in Mandaluyong is more concentrated due to its full range of varieties, both of the sites are very accessible. Whether you are in Manila for a vacation or work purpose, this feasting venue will surely interest you. Join other people and taste the best of grilled food, pasta, pizza, rice variety, kebabs, barbecues, brownies, cakes and more.

Banchetto Centris

Address: Cybergate Street, Mandaluyong Metro Manila, Philippines

Website: Banchetto Centris

Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday: 9 PM-6 AM

7. Mezza Norte

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Sitting in the Trinoma Mall parking lot in Quezon City is another night food market which has also become a hub of culinary art. Sit within or outside the tent and enjoy the live band as you savour some of your favourite dishes. There is a wide variety of food selections from different vendors; the Mercato Centrale Vendors offering cheesy tacos, Pinoy street food, burgers deep pizzas, and many more. Their food items are very affordable. So if you wish to have a bountiful feast with your large group of friends without putting a dent in your pocket, then this is your ideal gastronomic spot.

Mezza Norte

Address: University of the Philippines-Ayalaland Technohub | Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City, Luzon, Philippines

Website: Mezza Norte

Opening hours: Friday-Sunday: 4 PM-3 AM

8. Seaside Market Dampa (from USD 73.0)

(Video) MANILA CHINATOWN's INSANE STREET FOOD BAZAAR | Street Food Tour in Binondo Manila, Philippines

Everyone has their specific taste and preference when it comes to dining in restaurants; while some may prefer anything in the menu, others may want a specific item of their own choosing. The Seaside Market Dampa is mainly for individuals who want a taste of their selected fresh seafood. Choose anything from live oysters, red frog crabs, stonefish, lobsters, squid, mantis shrimp, scallops from the container and have them prepare them to your satisfaction. Visit major attractions such as Intramuros, National Museum, and the Mall of Asia which is just a short drive away from the market. Have a seafood feast with your family as you enjoy the refreshing sea breeze at night.

Seaside Market Dampa

Address: Diosdado Macapagal Blvd, Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines

Website: Seaside Market Dampa

Opening hours: 10 AM-10:30 PM

Old Manila Filipino Food Crawl

Duration: 5hrsDuration


9. Greenfield Market

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

It may be just a food market but has much more exciting activities attached to it. The Greenfield is a site where you get to have a memorable shopping experience and a lineup of entertainment activities. Shop anything from homemade products, craft and arts, and food. Also, have an exciting time while enjoying the painting lessons and live music. You can even join the weekend events and vegetarian cooking demos, film showing, and more. Just like others, you can visit this market for a food adventure, featuring local and intercontinental dishes to suit your taste.

Greenfield Market

Address: Pathwalk, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines

Website: Greenfield Market

Opening hours: Saturday: 4 PM-12 AM

10. Xavier Weekend Market

Editor's Note: There's no photo available at the time of writing

Sitting in Greenhills in the surroundings of the Xavier School is this weekend market which has a stream of food enthusiasts and visitors who want to have a taste of the recipes offered by new startup restaurants. This place is more of a food market but also has a collection of other essential goods. Have a pleasant shopping experience with your family as you purchase the best of organic produce, cooked foods, fresh seafood, poultry, and home-baked goods the market has to offer.

Xavier Weekend Market

Address: 64 Xavier School, Xavier Street, Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila

Opening hours: 3 PM-10 PM first Saturday of every month

Join the unique experience of shopping in the night markets of Manila

These listed markets offer a unique experience that no other shopping mall can replicate and are always filled with a variety of people of different classes. If you have never visited a night market before, a visit to any of these night markets in Manila is an excellent idea. Although shopping in the day time is exciting, shopping at night is even more fun.

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This article has been endorsed by Manila local expert Laarni Lanox

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